“My passion for collecting is rooted in the thrill of the hunt, the roller coaster of negotiating, and the stories that each piece has to tell.”

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Dan Henry 1964 is stunning to look at, with an irresistible build quality that far surpasses any expectations.


"Dan's pieces are not designed as homages to a 单一 historical piece but are meant to capture the spirit and design aesthetic of a specific point in time."

- The Wrist Watch Review -

In a world where a lot of fashion watch brands play in that $100 – $300 territory, a brand like Dan Henry can really shine. These are 简单 better than the competition, with 更多 更多 intricate designs and higher-end executions.

- Worn & Wound -

I am a big fan of this watch, and I’m not the only one. Microbrand Facebook groups, watch websites, forums, and subreddits are all talking 关于 the Dan Henry 1970 and it’s not hard to see why.

- Watches You Can Afford -

One of the most impressive vintage watch collections, belonging to one of the most knowledgable collectors (and watchmakers) in the world.

- Time & Tide -

"I’m just amazed that he was able to make such quality so affordable. I wouldn’t expect anything less from someone of Dan Henry’s watch pedigree."



Timeline.Watch is a website that includes my personal watches, but it is not about an individual collection. We believe that understanding the background and context in which a timepiece was created increases its importance and beauty. Timeline.Watch is about creating an online global collective of treasured watches from enthusiasts all over the world, and bringing images and information into a living and growing permanent digital encyclopedia of these beautiful timepieces.
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